Renting and riding a scooter is EASY and AWESOME. We try to make it all as convenient and simple as possible for you, but we understand you might have some questions. That’s great! We may have already answered these questions, so please take a look to see if you can’t find your answer! Super!

  • Where are you located?

We are at 124 Bartlett Street in Portsmouth, NH. We are walking distance to downtown Portsmouth, and we have parking spaces where you can leave your car while you scoot!

Just a few minutes ride to New Hampshire’s beautiful seacoast!

  • What kind of scooters do you rent?

You’ll be riding a Schwinn Campus, Bintelli Breeze, or similar retro-styled scooter. They are classy little scoots, perfect for boy or girl! They are great, modern, easy to operate scooters that will get you around town just fine, and in style!

  • Do I need a driver’s license to rent a scooter?

You absolutely do. A driver’s license is required to operate ANY of our rental scooters. Good news, though - you do NOT need a motorcycle license, but you definitely need a regular old driver’s license. You know, the same one you have that allows you to drive a car.

  • Can my kids come along?

Riders 18 or older are welcome to rent and operate our scooters. Younger than 18? Sorry, you’ll need to wait till next time.

  • Can we go doubles, then? Like, can I carry a passenger?

No. Our policy is to allow one rider per scooter. In rare circumstances, renters carrying a motorcycle endorsement and who can demonstrate competency with a passenger may be allowed to double up.

  • I’ve never ridden a scooter before - is that ok?

Totally! Scooters are easy to operate and they are quick to learn. When you book your rental, please let us know if you will require instruction prior to your rental! We’ll give you a 10 minute how to that covers the following:

-Operation of kickstand and centerstand

-Starting the scooter

-Accelerating and gaining balance

-Stopping in casual and emergency stop scenarios

-Rules of the road suggested riding technique

-Operation of storage, accessories, and other scooter equipment

-Safely storing and maintaining the scooter while it is in your possession.

PLEASE let us know if you will require instruction - We will otherwise assume you are ready to go with little to no instruction. Also, please be respectful to our busy busy schedule here, and arrive on time and prepared for your appointment!

  • Do you rent motorcycles?

Sorry! We do not!

  • Do you rent helmets?

No, but a free rental is available with every scooter rental.

  • What should I wear?

We strongly encourage every rider sports appropriate riding gear. That includes a helmet (included with rental), eyeprotection (sunglasses are fine!), pants, long sleeves, gloves, and closed shoes. Anything less is at the discretion and risk of the rider.

  • What should I bring?

Each scooter has a small glove compartment, under-seat storage, and rear rack. Stuff adds up quick, so try to just bring the essentials - sun screen, riding gear (helmet and eye protection at minimum), beach or swimming gear, your wallet or purse, etc. Everything you’ll need for your day-long excursion!

  • Am I responsible for any damages incurred to the scooter?

 100%. Any damages to you or your scooter are your sole responsibility. You can read our rental Terms and Conditions here Please consider this seriously before renting your scooter. Scooters are inspected for damages prior to and after every rental - renters can and will be billed for the cost of replacement parts, replacement labor, and loss-of-use if applicable. On one hand, we don’t want to charge you ANY more than just your standard rental rate. On the other hand, we have a fleet to maintain, and many hopeful riders who want to rent your scooter after you use it! We have to keep these things in tip-top shape so everyone can enjoy them, so please respect your scoot!


  • Got any rides you can suggest?

Absolutely. Portsmouth to Newcastle, Hampton to Rye, there is a lot of ground to cover on our lovely New Hampshire seacoast. But take it from the locals - these are the best rides in town:

The Newcastle Loop:

Distance: apx. 9 miles round trip

Ride time: 1.5-2.5 hrs (assuming frequent rest stops)

You’ll start at the shop - we send you through some of the lower-traffic neighborhoods to get you onto Route 1B - that’s a low-speed road that weaves through the neighboring island town of Newcastle. Exciting sights to see are the Wentworth by the Sea resort, marina, and country club, the Fort Stark historical site, and the Great Island Common - an excellent scenic park in the center of town. After you pass through Newcastle, you’ll be sent right into the center of downtown Portsmouth! Park the scoots real quick and grab a coffee in the square, do some shopping, and man you’ve really seen the town in style.

The Beach Route:

Distance: apx. 18 miles round trip

Ride time: 2-3 hrs (assuming frequent rest stops)

Start at the shop and head to Route 1A. You’ll pass through some friendly local neighborhoods, pass the scenic South Cemetery (pass through, if you dare!), and ride over the singing Sagamore Bridge. A local favorite swimming hole - if the tides are right, you can toot your horn to cheer on some dare-devil bridge jumpers! Just as you enter Rye, NH, you’ll pass Odiorne State Park, home of the Seacoast Science Center (complete with aquarium and aqualife museum exhibits!). Keep on truckin and you’re on the proper beach route! Spend some time at the beach, then either take the inland route home (passing through residential Rye), or simply take the reverse route, taking it all in one more time.

The Big Easy:

Distance: apx. 30 miles round trip

Ride time: 2.5-4 hrs (assuming frequent rest stops)

Combine the Newcastle Loop with the Beach Route! Take Rt. 1B through Newcastle, then pick up Rt. 1A to hit the beach route! This is a great ride for those who want to get the most out of their two-wheel time.